Hello! I'm pouale, I live in France, and I make music on GAME BOY (mostly) using LSDj ! If you want to listen to my music, you can visit my bandcamp or my soundcloud. If you want my latest news, you should check out my twitter account or my instagram account.

My music is also available on most streaming platforms, even though you can download it and stream it at your own price on bandcamp. Here is my spotify artist page, and I'm also on deezer, apple music, tidal, and youtube music (among others). Have a nice day !



If you want to contact me, you can send an email to pouale92(at)gmail(dot)com ! Alternatively, you can DM me on discord (@pouale) or on my twitter account.


You can listen to and download my latest album on bandcamp here !!!

You can also find my firt EP here!

You can also find some additional songs on my soundcloud account, including some cover songs in this playlist:


You can find the .lsdprj files (project files for LSDj) for some of my songs on this page